Orlando is the youngest son of Rowland du Bois and the main protagonist of As You Like It. He becomes romantically involved with Rosalind after wrestling and defeating Charles, the court wrestler.


When the play opens, Orlando is angry with his brother Oliver for refusing to give him his rightful inheritance of 1000 crowns. The two get into a tussle on the subject, and Oliver claims at the end that "I shall not long be troubled with you, and you shall have some part of your will." It is soon revealed that Orlando plans to go up against the odds and wrestle with Charles. Unbeknownst to Orlando, Oliver has authorized Charles to use all of his lethal strength against him. Despite this, Orlando throws Charles and temporarily mutes him. before and after the. atch he is commended by Rosalind, whom he loves at first glance. After the wrestling match she feels the same way; however, their moment is interrupted by Celia, who takes Rosalind aside to chide her for letting her guard down.

After the wrestling, Duke Fredrick refuses to give Orlando the medal because his father was Sir Rowland. Le Beau quietly advises him to abandon court completely. When he goes to Oliver's house to stand up to his brother, his aged friend Adam warns hom to leabe as well, claiming that Oliver has arranged for Orlando's meager lodgings to be arsoned. Orlando takes Adam with him and goes to the Forest of Arden.

When he reaches the forest, he assaults the camp of the exiled Duke Senior, thinking that he has come upin a band of savage thieves. He quickly relents when they show him kindess, and he brings Adam to the camp to feed and rest.

Soon, Orlando's mind falls back to Rosalind. He starts writing mediocre poetry and posting it on the trees, with the fanciful goal of having Rosalind's name inscribed on every tree in the forest. Through doing this, he becomes aquainted with Ganymeade, who is actually Rosalind disguised as a boy. He thonks her to be somewhat strange, but is not suspicious of her. Rosalind convinces him that she can heal love-sickness, and to "pretend" that she is Rosalind, and to woo her. Despite her testing him by pretending to have mood swings and scorning him for not being completely punctual, he remains unswervable. She therefore resolves to reveal herself and marry him, using the sudden love of Oliver and Celia as an opporotunity for a combined marriage. Her original story is that she has been trained by a magician, but when her identity is revealed, everything is cleared up. Orlando and Rosalind are married by Hymen, who says that "no cross shall part" them.